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Semi-dry top recommendation?

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I'm looking for light weight splash top to wear in warmer weather with neoprene shorts or farmer john wet suit. In a post from a few years ago there was a rough consensus around the Kokatat Napster but that's been retired. I've read what I can find on the web re: IR Nano, Kokatat Session & NRS Helium. Thanks in advance for any advice.


btw– preferably long sleeve (sun protection) with neoprene neck.

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NRS Riptide: I have used this jacket for 2 seasons.  

Pros:  Lightweight, good unrestricted movement, easy to get on and off (standing on land, or rafted), very good splash, wind & rain protection, I like the hood, cockpit stays very dry when wearing it.

Cons: Not very, if at all breathable, definitely not a dry top, if you roll you will get pretty wet through the neck and wrists.

I wore it today and it was hot, so had to roll to get some relief. 

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Dana, if you aren't looking for watertight gaskets and just want something to keep the breeze/splashes off, I have a kokatat "paddle jacket" that is super comfortable, and very breathable. They make it in gore-tex (on sale on backcountry.com now) and in their proprietary fabric.

I also have a NRS Stratos semi-dry top with a neoprene neck and latex wrist gaskets made out of the same material as Bill's jacket and it breathes about as well as a plastic bag. It's warm, though! The neoprene neck lets some water in but not nearly as much as you might expect (and the jacket overall is too big, so sizing it right it would probably be pretty dry). 

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