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Lane's Cove to Rockport Harbor, July 3rd, 2024

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Eight of us paddled out from Lane's Cove at 10AM, turned right, and headed to Rockport Harbor for lunch. Conditions were nearly perfect, blue skies, light seas, and just enough of a SE breeze to keep us focused on reaching the ice cream shop on Bearskin Neck. In Folly Cove, we admired a grotto with verdant, dripping green walls and a Folly-esque deck perched above it. I spotted a disturbance in the center of the cove and spent some time excitedly chasing a bubble trail (surely a porpoise, sea turtle, or bubble-whale) until someone pointed out the dive flag nearby. We passed several dive groups, shore fishermen, paddle-boarders, and even a couple of lone sea kayakers.

A short scramble up the rocks at the broken concrete ramp in Rockport Harbor put us in the middle of the tourist crush, where we dispersed in search of restrooms, ice cream, and shady lunch spots. Back on the water, we got a bit of a wind assist and cruised back up the coast, arriving at the cars at 2:45.

Special thanks to Britta for organizing and co-leading this trip with me, and to Joyce, Karen, Barbara, Prudence, David, and Mike for a great day on the water.


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