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Foot peg replacement

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I paddle with foamed bulkheads in a couple of my boats and have not experienced any foot discomfort.

I have a plastic boat with foot pegs and early on had pain and discomfort.

I foamed it out and no more issues.  I know this to be the case for a number of club members who have also gone the foam route. 

In addition to the inherent "give" or cushion the foam provides, there's also a lot to be said for having more area to position your feet. 

It was a relatively simple task once I had the foam and determined the ideal distance.  

I adjusted the pegs as far as they could go forward and added the foam.  This is my go-to rock and surf boat so being able to push on the foam and not have it dislodge was important. 

I took the extra time to cut the pieces just slightly larger than warranted so they were secure in the cockpit in case of an out of boat experience. 

Good luck!


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I have one boat foamed out and one with pegs. It's important to me to have a boat that's adjustable for sharing. I wonder if you've considered whether your footwear could be contributing to your discomfort.

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