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Sunday Morning Paddle: June 9 2024, Fishermans Beach

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The inaugural Sunday Morning Paddle of 2024 took place this very Sunday morning, and here is the report on it that you've been waiting for with bated breath. (While I am here, let me ask: does anyone ever bate anything besides breath? I have my doubts about that, and please feel free to comment if you're so moved.)

These paddlers launched from Swampscott's Fishermans Beach at around 9:30 this morning: Janet Lorang, Bill Doucet, Ben Partlow, Sue Henry, and yours truly.


As you can see it was overcast and very calm. The air temp and water temp were near 60 F. The forecast was for rain, and rain it would, but it wasn't raining yet!

There was no wind but a light longer-period swell. We decided to head across Nahant Bay via Egg Rock which we knew would be very pretty in these conditions. Our eventual 6.5 NM route wound up looking like this:


It began to sprinkle lightly on the way to Egg Rock but conditions remained calm and almost glassy.


Here's Sue with Boston skyline in the background:


Finally arriving at Egg, we saw that it was doing its usually trick of attracting large swell to itself. Some of us donned helmets to get nearer to the rocks in the dynamic water, while others were content to watch the beauty from farther away.


On we went to the pretty little pocket beach on Nahant itself. As we made our way there, the rain picked up.


No trip to this area is complete without going around the corner to see the glorious rocks of East Point. Here is Janet in a slot, watched by Ben:


After this it was a paddle back to the launch through heavier rain. Visibility wasn't too bad though and the wind never really got over 8 knots or so. Ironically, once we landed, the rain and wind died and it began to clear up. I'm typing this report under bright blue skies!

Everyone reported having an excellent time and everyone came back. Which makes this... a perfect First Sunday Morning Paddle!



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