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Mass Coast Guide - Free - Worth Getting


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I cannot find the post that suggested we order the Massachusetts Coast Guide to Boston & the North Shore....but whoever it was...thanks so much. My free copy just arrived after I sent a simple email requesting it about a week ago (see http://mass.gov/czm/coastguide/order/order.htm)

The spiral bound but quality publication is full of great pictures, useful maps, and details about what is along the water. In its introduction it says:

"Massachusetts boasts more than 1,500 miles of coastline.... Of this varied terrain, nearly one-quarter is owned by local, state, or federal govement or regional nonprofit land conservaion organization. In the area covered by this volume...this figure is even higher: almost 40%. As this guide will help you discover, most of this land is open space available for public use and enjoyment."

After an introduction about accessibilty and conservation, tt works down the coast from north to south. Each small section has a few great pictures, top rate overview maps clearly showing in different colors national/state/private public-access properties and wharfs/water access/put-ins. It briefy then describes each one, including possible parking and restrictions.

While this book is about access and properties along the shore, I learned much from quickly thumbing through this: even about areas I have paddled more than once.


Al Coons

Eddyline Nighthawk


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I second that recommendation. I too got the book after reading the post. I also think it would be of great aid to the MA Bay Water Trail - as it details out a lot of the public access points not to mention good landing spots. No need to recreate the wheel.


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Yes, it's a great guide and I am glad the state is publishing something like this. I wonder if they plan to cover the rest of the coast. There seems to be renewed interest in public access to the coast. Steve Bailey in his recent column (http://www.boston.com/business/globe/articles/2006/06/30/take_back_our_beaches/) described the law granting private ownership of the shoreline as the "greatest land give away in history", which is an interesting way to think of it.

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