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Rough Water Rescues and Incident Management, 6.22.24, BoothBay Area (Rock, Paddle, Surf Coaching)

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Be ready for the unexpected! Sea states can change quickly. Revisit old techniques and learn new ones during this intensive one-day training. Learn to handle situations in dynamic ocean conditions when things are going less than perfect. This class takes your flat water rescues and brings them into rough water.

Paddlers can get themselves into tricky predicaments. Boats and gear can become damaged. How do you respond quickly and effectively to these incidents? The first step towards learning how best to deal with these eventualities is to train for them. The course will cover rough water scenarios, medical emergencies, weather, communications, tricky landings, on-water gear/boat repairs, navigation, towing, and more. It has been designed for anyone with some training in rescue techniques although a kayak roll is not needed.

Things to note:

You must bring a water-sports-approved helmet, a tow system, and any gear you normally have while paddling.

Bring your ideas! It is recommended for all paddlers, whether or not they lead others in the marine environment.

10% off for NSPN Members 



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