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P&H and Pyranha Boats in stock at Pinniped

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Hi paddlers, 

Lots of boats in stock right now!  Let me know if you're interested in anything.  I'll be traveling down to Portland next week if that's helpful.  

nate@pinnipedkayak.com  or  207-669-2174    www.pinnipedkayak.com

Virgo LV (multiple colors) $2099

Virgo MV (multiple colors) $2099

Virgo HV (arriving mid-June) $2099

Delphin 150 ($400 off!) $2199

Scorpio LV ($250 off!) $2349

Scorpio MV ($250 off!) $2349


Pyranha WW boats

Scorch X (size M/L fast river runner) ($250 off) $1549

Firecracker 242 (multiple colors) $1699

New REACTR Mediums! (arriving mid-June) $1699Colorways.thumb.jpeg.95f54da8b36f402221d04b18e0420f04.jpegScreenShot2021-04-10at10_43_07AM.png.c30c4015da6694ced78c492a6130a5ee.pngScorchX.thumb.png.7a7ea82869f737328e5891556f31d334.png



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