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Camp Cooking Recipe!

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While visiting with my dad, I came upon my mom's cookbook - the one from which my girl-self learned to bake - titled, "The Lily Wallace New American Cookbook." Dad said it was a wedding gift from my grandmother, dating it to 1952. The copyright is 1947 - a time of aspics and loafs and puddings. My mother had tried cooking many of the puddings, writing in annotations such as "a 10, or 11!" (Bread and Butter Pudding) and "NO" (Cornflake Pudding). 

Paging through this section I came upon one - unannotated so presumably untried - which caught my full attention, for it uses seaweed! Specifically, Irish Moss, which contributes the thickener carrageenan to the pudding. Knowing that there are those among the NSPN camping crowd who enjoy beach cookery, I am including this recipe for your experimentation, should you come upon the not-uncommon Chondrus crispus washed up at your campsite beach. 

Cook like it's 1947!

seamoss (1).jpg

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My English grandmother use to make a pudding from a local seaweed. I am not sure which variety of seaweed, but I guess it was good. I was young.

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It surely was Irish Moss. There is a museum in Scituate on the South Shore of Boston dedicated to the industry of harvesting and processing it, which apparently thrived in the area at one time. I can verify that a LOT of Irish Moss washes up along the coast near Scituate Harbor. Never been tempted to try cooking with it, but maybe that's my mistake....

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