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Rye Harbor 5/7/24

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We were myself, Steph Keimig, Dana Sigall, and Sandy Blanchard. We set out from Rye Harbor headed south. The predicted swell of 2' long period seemed about right and we had hopes for some surfing on Jenness Beach. The water near shore is pretty shallow in this area and that two feet was getting multiplied and required staying outside the break in most areas. Jenness looked sort of promising and some of us hung around for a while hoping for a good ride. Before long Dana alerted me to a larger than typical wave starting to break right behind me. I could see it was bigger than I liked but took off anyway. At first I was concerned about getting my bow buried but I managed to ride on top for a while. Then came the inevitable side surf and being insufficiently skilled to turn back I got washed up on the beach. A friendly beach walker offered to give me a push back out

The beautiful Rye ledge was almost completely under water as we proceeded south so we decided to put off exploring until after lunch. We found a fairly sheltered beach to land on without too much surf.


By the time we launched again Rye Ledge was really rocking. This is a really interesting ledge that causes waves to break in all directions, often forming a "zipper" along the rocky strip that connects it to the mainland at low tide.


After playing around there for a while we headed back, enjoying the rise and fall of the swell and the beautiful spring weather.

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