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Mystic Lake Practice -- ON today (June 27), but...


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... you should know that Sandy Beach on the North End of the lake is closed today for pollution because of the heavy weekend rain. I talked to the lifeguard this morning about it.

I will be at the boat ramp as usual for launch at 5:30, however, and am pretty sure it is OK. Why?...

The DCS recommends 24 hours without significant rain, and it will be almost 48 by the time we start tonight, including two full relatively sunny days -- it's sun, direct or indirect, that cleanses the lake. When I monitored readings closely a couple of years ago, I found it often took even less than 24 hours for the readings to return to safe levels. So, I suspect the beach will be OK tomorrow, and that's the relevant reading for tonight. Also, the swimming standard is actually quite strict, much moreso than the boating level, which is what applies to the Charles.

Nevertheless, if it concerns you, you might want to skip this week. Or, come and stick to non-immersion practice. We can try to emphasize that, except for any mandatory wet-exit practice for beginners.

Directions here...



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