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Mystic Lake is Fine. It's on -- the sun is out; it's warm, no more rain


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I went by Sandy Beach, upstream of our practice area.

The lifeguards are on duty, kids are playing in the water,

and the blue flag is out, which means the water's fine -- come on in!

So, today's practice session is on -- launch at 5:30...

EXCEPT FOR... possible T-Storms in the forecast.

So, we'll watch the radar, consult the tea leaves and make a call

right here by 3:00 PM. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, directions here...



UPDATE (3:50)

Just to show there are no more storms behind, nor really even much rain...


UPDATE (3:30)

The brunt of the storm is over Mystic right now, and the whole thing will be over by 4:15. Let's go!


UPDATE (3:00 PM)

Looks like the leading edge of the storm is hitting Mystic right about now, and the trailing edge is about an hour away. So, the storm should be all clear soon after 4:00, and there isn't even much rain behind it at the moment.


UPDATE (2:00 PM)...

Looking at the radar at 1:30 PM, it shows a fairly intense storm,

30-45 minutes in duration, heading directly for the Boston area.

If I read this radar image correctly, however, the storm should hit

by 3:30-4:00 and be gone well before 5:00.

After that is just sporadic light rain.

So, I'll be there at 5:00, figuring to launch at 5:30.

After the storm, the air may be a bit cooler,

so against that and light rain, I'd recommend a paddling jacket.

Note -- this kind of prediction has worked remarkably well for me

in the past, but it's up to you, of course. ;-))



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