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Circulating eddy off south end of Plum Island/Sandy Neck

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I keep hearing of a large circulating eddy, north and east of the south end of Plum Island, by Sandy Neck in Ipswich, Massachusetts, that ramps up powerfully enough to hold paddlers off the beach and keep them stuck in the bars and shallows to the northeast, east/southeast.

Makes sense: all of Ipswich Bay (and Rowley, etc.) flows out past there, as does the Ipswich River -- all of that fast flow off Pavillion Beach, and past the day beacon off Sandy Neck, that we've seen during NSPN trainings. Add in heavy storm surge and large waves that need to run back off the beach...and there you have the ingredients for both an eddy and a rip current.

Anyone know more about it? I've kayak fished there but plenty but only on calm days among the mosquito fleet of powerboat striped bass fishermen working the sandbars outside the approach channel.

Benign enough on a calm day, typically intoxicating views of the sandy bottom and large fish flitting past. But graphs out as the recipte for a re-creation of the raft scene in Herzog's Aguirre[i/].

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Once you assemble the information - it might be useful for someone to construct a small current chart.

I started to do this for the currents around Nantucket Island - for at least three or four hours after high tide - I still have to complete this.

A big eddy and strong rips, huh? Sounds like it would be confusing and difficult.

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