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Things one finds in the ocean (or where is the rest of the car?)

Ricardo Caivano

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Paddling back from a fun kayak/ costeering session in East Point, Nahant (see trip report here), Bob Levine and I came across a car wheel with a fully inflated tire floating happily about 1.3 NM from Fisherman Beach. Considerations were made but ultimately (and against common sense probably) we decided to take it to shore. I tried towing but progress was too slow and Bob proposed to carry it. So we tied the wheel on top of the front deck of his Explorer with my short tow and off we went.

I think we both half expected a capsize but Bob kept his balance which was good because a roll would have been somewhat difficult to manage ?! The recovery was successfully and the wheel deposited  by a trash can on Humphrey Street. If you are in need of one, it still may be there. Now, where is the rest of the car?



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