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Valley Aquila $525

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I bought this boat from a friend a year ago, and I've enjoyed using it. BUT, I want to move it along to make room for yet another. Such is kayak life. 

Don't know the year, but they didn't make many before changing to the Aquanaut.

It's an odd looking boat, some love and others mock its appearance. As far as skeg boats go, this has about as much storage space as possible. The day hatch in particular is huge, with an A frame-like deck above it that increases the volume but definitely adds a component of "up and over" to self rescue that could prove daunting. 

The rope skeg works okay, I tend to always have about 1/4 skeg down regardless of the wind as it seems to paddle better that way. 

Older deck compass that works but has some of the ol' brown haze.

The hatch covers are Kajak Sport, new in 2023.

New bungees. 

Heavyish! Not sure how heavy but maybe 60 pounds? Lots of repairs and gelcoat touch-ups from the past owner. 

The deck is mostly patina reddish-brown, but it will definitely polish to a beautiful more-red-than-brown if you spend a few hours wet sanding and/or buffing (you can see the original color under the bungees and it's hot). 


End of (warm) season steal price! But also a great winter boat!

I'll be adding more photos of the hull and close ups and stuff soon.

Boat is in Portland, Maine, but we could possibly meet near the border of NH on certain days of the week. 



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Repainted. This is farm equipment paint, not gelcoat. In my experience it holds up well to the sea and scratching/rubbing. 




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