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Mystic Lake Practice -- Tuesdays


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Mystic Lake Practice sessions continue Tuesday, launching to Upper Mystic Lake from the boat ramp between the Upper and Lower Lakes, in Medford, near Arlington and Winchester, "1" on this map...


Turn in toward the lakes at the sign for the boat club (sign visible from the north now, but not from the south).

Come for instruction, to give and get peer help or just to hang out and practice on your own or with others. Beginners are very welcome. If you need equipment, post on the board and someone might be able to help you.

On the water at 5:30, but come earlier or later as you like.

Lots of sun and warm weather to heat up that water...


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No -- it's NOT the Wellington Boat Club. It's the Medford Boat Club. Use the maps and directions elsewhere in this thread, or this from the page you mentioned

>> Fisherman's Boat Ramp near Medford Boat Club, Mystic Valley Parkway north of Rt. 60, Medford. North of the Mystic Lakes dam. Look for Medford Boat Club and Fisherman¯s Boat Access sign. Drive all the way in and turn right for boat ramp parking. Provides access to Upper Mystic Lake. <<

Here are some maps...



As for directions, you either come down Route 2 or I93, get off at Route 60 and follow Route 60 all the way to the foot of the lake, as shown on the maps, then head up Mystic Valley Parkway on the shore of Lower Mystic until you get to the turn-in for the ramp and club.


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Hi David,

Just to make sure about the water quality for Tuesday. Deb and I were practicing on Mystic Lake on Saturday--we found out that no one was swimming on Sandy Beach--the beach was yellow plastic lined off and, there was a "no swimming" flag. The water near the shoreline looked funky and it smelled--we were going to practice our rolls but agreed better safe than sorry when it comes to that funky lake run-off bacteria--we asked the people at the boat club and they said the water was fine there; but , did not know about sandy beach or the rest of the lake. The no swimming could be the season had not started this year--hence, no life guard. However, when we loaded the boats Deb's Vela hull had this slimy, brown coating on it-my night heron did not (maybe the wood or the excellent coating job I did?)--so we decided we needed to check the water quality at Mystic--do you know how to do that or the website to check the Mystic Lake water quality? THX, Les

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The boat clubs seem to think it is okay. Last week I called that watershed org that is housed with MassPIRG but never heard back. (I won't be there tomorrow, but it's not due to the water, honest.) Here's the info of what they were doing today there for weeds and the numbers to call for information.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (previously known as the MDC) number listed for the Mystic River Reservation is 617-727-5380

Medford Boat club opened on the 17th. The Winchester Boat Club site (http://winchesterboatclub.org/) posted this about this week:



The Middle and Upper Forebays of Upper Mystic Lake in Winchester, will be treated with USEPA/MA registered aquatic herbicides and algaecides to control nuisance aquatic vegetation and algae on Monday, June 19th. These areas of the lake only, will be closed to all water usage’s (including swimming, fishing, and boating) until Tuesday, June 20th.

There is also a five day restriction on the use of the Forebay waters for irrigation, which extends through June 25th.

Neither the MDC Sandy Beach nor the Medford Boat Club will be impacted or closed.

Printed signs warning of the specific water use restrictions, will be posted along the shoreline of the two Forebay’s, immediately prior to treatment. The work is being performed under contract with Aquatic Control Technology, Inc., of Sutton, MA for the MA Dept., of Conservation & Recreation, Urban Parks Division, pursuant to permits (license) issued by the MA DEP, Office of Watershed Management and in accordance with an Order of Conditions from the Winchester Conservation Commission.

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Hi, Les:

That does not sound great... I'll try to look into it tomorrow. There hasn't been much rain, which is the usual cause of pollution problems, but there is occasionally some kind of malfunction upstream that can cause things like this. Normally it's fine 99 times out of 100.

There are two monitoring sites that I know of, but neither is in oepration yet this year. Guess it's not hot enough yet ;-))) (Seriously, the beach site below starts July 1.)




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It was great to see two new members at yesterdays practice session .

Hope to see you even before next Tuesday: come to the Solstice Paddle on Saturday. Its one of the two or three events during the year when the whole club may get together .

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