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Chebacco lake practice

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Rick that's great! How long do you usually stay out? My commute gets me there around 7ish so I'm not sure if you stay out until sundown during the summer . . . either way I'm sure I'll see you there at least a couple times . . .

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From the club's put-in page:

Wenham, MA

Chebacco Lake- Another lake used by NSPN for rescue, rolling and general skills practice. Take exit 16 off Rt. 128 and head north for approx. 1.2 miles, then turn right into the parking lot at the boat ramp.

When I used to drive down from the north (newburyport), I would take 1A south to Ipswich, then rt133 into Essex and then a right onto rt 22. After a mile or so the sign for Chebacco would be on the left (if you pass a flower stand on the left you've gone too far). Then it just a matter of following the road for a while around the lake until you see the boat ramp on your left. I know there's a shorter route from Newburyport, but I don't know it well enough to give directions.

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Generally people stay until around dark/sunset. I usually try to get off the water before dark as the mosquitos can be vicious in the parking lot once the sun sets.

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If you are a new member or beginner , this after work practise session is a great way to get yourself introduced to the club. The atmosphere is relaxed, fun and welcoming. The session leader has excellent new member radar,and my observation has been that his time defaults to those who are most in need of introduction. The sessions usually have no rigid agenda , so he and others will be happy to share advice on just about anything, from basic to advanced strokes, rescues, braces, tows, equipment etc., and members are always willing to let you test drive their boat or paddle. So if you're unsure about what sort of boat or gear you want or need, its a great place to see new stuff.

And its a good way to cool off, hang out and relax after a hot day.

And the parking is free.

And the Chebacco Lake Port o John is extremely clean & well-maintained...

Last year I felt that even if I had done nothing else with the club but the after work practise sessions, my yearly dues would have more than paid for itself.

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