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Mount Desert area

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The Acadia Hotel in the middle of Bat Harbor is decent and about as cheap as decent will be that close to the action. The rooms are certainly small, but if you're mainly paddling or some other form or recreating, then that may be OK. And, they have a high-speed wireless internet connection. http://www.acadiahotel.com/. You might get cheaper by going out to the burbs.


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If you like camping Mount Desert Campground is a good spot...when are you going to MDI?


Once more upon the waters! yet once more!

And the waves bound beneath me as a steed

That knows his rider.

Lord Byron

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When I was up there in the high season on litle notice researching for my cabins and cottages guidebook, I stayed in Ellsworth, at Patten Pond campground and just drove in for the day each morning. It wasn't bad doing that at all. Patten Pond has little cabins too. It was very quiet there when I was there...it may have been during the week however.

Jerry and Marcy Monkman did a bok for the AMC called Discover Acadia National Park that you might find helpful for deciding Where on the island you migth want to base yourself. (it doesn't cover lodgings much)


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