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Saturday's Beverly YMCA Pool Session

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My husband Matthew and I have just mailed the forms and a check for a family membership to be a part of your network this year. We are both beginners; we bought each other sea kayaks last July as wedding gifts for each other.  Due to some sickness this year, we haven't really broken them in, and with a new (healthier) summer approaching, we're looking for some training, and a social circle of other couples interested in kayaking to help get us started.

My husband has stronger swimming and canoeing skills than I do, but also has a little more healing to do, so I am interested in learning what I can in the meantime to be ready when he is. We recently bought a new truck and don't yet have the proper racks to

transport our kayaks (what we had for the old Jeep no longer works), but I was wondering if I could come and watch the Beverly YMCA training, and start to get to know some of you as we wait for our membership cards?


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I have received and processed Heidi and Matt's memberships. Perhaps if someone attending the pool session could bring an extra boat, Heidi could get a little time in the water. Would be a nice welcome to the club for her and Matt.


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