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what do you think about the NEW proposed wind farm?


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Moving from the backyard of the rich and powerful -- and a location that makes technical sense -- to the low-rent district -- and a location that doesn't. Obviously a winning proposition :-(((

Of course, when a tanker takes out a row of those babies a couple years hence, it will all become obvious in retrospect, and will be properly investigated. That is, if there is any room in the headlines up against the collapse of the main big dig tunnel because of sub-standard construction materials inserted by graft, corruption and enrichment of said rich and powerful.

Cynical? Maybe. But can anyone come up with a more plausible analysis.


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No great wisdom - but I certainly thought of the cynical answer - the Nantucket Sound version can be seen from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis.

Having said that - the local Cape Codders love the idea of the wind farm. I can't tell whether it's the old spirit of Yankee independence or because the rich folks don't like it. Maybe it's both.

I did talk to a friend who knows a bit about alternative energy and she said that the environmental impact of these things can be pretty severe - they make a lot of noise and that tends to drive away the fish.

Anyway, this is all hearsay and opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.

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>No great wisdom - but I certainly thought of the cynical

>answer - the Nantucket Sound version can be seen from the

>Kennedy compound in Hyannis.

And one of the the Buzzard's Bay installations is visible from Naushon Island, site of Senator Kerry's ancestral summer home.


Could we be witnessing a "familial" dispute betwen the senior and junior senators from Massachusetts? If so, a lot of ordinary folks are going to wind up as collateral damage, one way or the other.


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>the only real problem with windfarms is that they don't work

>unless the wind blows.

...which is why they are ideally sited either offshore of the Kerry or Kennedy compounds.

In case you haven't read, the contractor for the Buzzard's Bay wind farm is building the Greenbush "T" line and contributed to the big dig. What a resume.

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