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Posting Trips & Google Map


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Perhaps all trip leaders might consider posting a "Gmaps - Pedometer" of their route. I just read David Lewis's post about today's trip to the Rowley River and looked at his route (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=190547). Since I did not know the area, it gave me a valuable sense of where the trip is (I know the general area, but had no sense of where the Rowley River was), what the trip would be like, and how to get (close) the put in.

Of course we need all the other information and caveats we expect for a trip, but I found the gmap very valuable.


Al Coons

Eddyline Nighthawk


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Interesting idea. I think I will probably do this myself, high-tech junkie that I am. I've always plotted my official trip courses (tentative, of course) on nautical chart software. But posting those on the web is a bit of an operation -- involves a .jpg screen capture and storing the file somewhere on the web.

Anyway, here are some more... First, a side trip in the Great Marsh that I'd like to try, being attracted to backwater routes like this. If I read the satellite shots at all correctly, it looks narrower than a kayak length at some spots, and will probably depend on tide levels, not to mention possible changes due to the recent flooding (was that flooding at high tide -- anybody check?).


And here's another, to see how a more open water, level 3+-ish trip might look with this technique...


This is a trip out of Cohasset, to Leslie's Picnic Rock, then to Minot Light, then Little Harbor, and back to the put-in. The trouble with this one is that I had to consult other maps to get a lat/long fix on Minot light, as the Google map does not say which of those blurs it is. Actually, we are probably looking more at Minot Ledge than Minot Light. So conclusion -- the Google Pedometer technique is not always easy to apply to paddling trips, especially to offshore features.

But it should work nicely for trips relatively close to shore, or to clearly recognizable places. Here, for example, is a course from Tuck's Point in Manchester out to the Miseries and back.


Again, I wish we could talk Google into a nautical chart option, but somehow I doubt it'd be high on their priority list.


Sorry for all the plots -- obviously I'm having fun with how easy this is! Maybe we should start a catalog of these.

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