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Map distance calculator -- works on water


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Here's a neat Google-based web application that enables you to calculate the distance of a walk or drive on a map, a Google map, of course. By golly, it works on the water too, so you can calculate just how far you paddled (assuming you want to know the truth ;-).

Here are a few routes well-known to NSPNers where the mileage is of some interest...

Portland ferry dock to Peaks Island... http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=188995

Using the hybrid satellite/map view...

Portsmouth to Isles of Shoals... http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=189037.

The Blackburn route (more or less)... http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=189048.

It shows statute miles, of course.


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Thanks David. What a great resource.

It can be so detailed that I even checked distance on running routes, some in conservation land.

I also found out how much variation there is in our distance estimations for some of our kayak routes. No wonder I was tired after one trip, it was a lot longer than we estimated. Others were good estimates.

What an inexpensive GPS (at least for distance). Certainly a lot easier than a string or dividers on a map!

Al Coons

Eddyline Nighthawk


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Very neat tool! One question... when I click the pan down arrow, I get a map of the entire US from which I can't return to the original plot. Do others get this or is it some kind of quirk with my pc?

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>It can be so detailed that I even checked distance on

>running routes, some in conservation land.

As you probably noted, it was originally built for runners. It's even got a calorie calculater, which IMHO is shameless fluff.

Now we just gotta get Google to make a nautical chart option to go along with map/satellite/hybrid. Meanwhile, hybrid works pretty well. For example, Isles of Shoals was in the satellite/hybrid view but did not show in map view, despite the fact that it has inhabitants, roads, etc.


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