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Maine Kayak Regatta!


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A happy rainy Thursday to you all!

I'm posting with an incredible opportunity that I've been involved

with for the past two years, with hope that many of you will explore

this further.

Rippleffect, a growing non-profit based out of Portland, ME, is

holding its 6th annual Kayak Regatta this coming August 11-13.

Beginning in Castine, and paddling 45 miles through the waters of

Penobscott Bay, overnighting on Warren and Butter Islands, the Regatta

gathers a group of 40 dedicated individuals who care about kids,

kayaks, and community.

If you are interested in being a part of this challenge, you are

responsible for four things: 1. Preparing yourself to feast on

lobster, indulge in complimentary massage, and tune your ears to the

dulcet sounds of The Emilia Dahlin Trio; 2. Bringing a smile and

positive energy to a 45 mile, three day epic paddle; 3. Greeting each

day with invigorating yoga; and 4. Raising $1,000 (it's easy -- trust

me!) to support Rippleffect's youth programs.

Please visit www.rippleffect.net and look under "Special Events" on

the toolbar or email me for more information.

See you August 11th in Castine!

Kristin Wilson

Portland, ME

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