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MA Bay Water Trail--put that knowledge to good use! New Date! June 6th (TOMORROW!)

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Are you interested in helping to chart our favorite places to paddle along the coast as part of the MA Bay Water Trail? If so, please join on us on May 20th in Salem, MA at 10am for our first meeting! Time and weather permitting, perhaps we can all paddle afterwards as an informal SNG.

We'll need people to chart their favorite areas including hazards, put-ins, contacts, general descriptions of the areas, etc. It should be a fun way to pass on your experiences and impressions of the areas you've paddled.

If you're interested in attending, please post here so I have some idea of how many people will be converging on my place. Please contact me at kevin.beckwith@mindspring.com with any questions or call me at 978.270.8170.

June 6th

7 p.m. (about one hour...not a big fan of long meetings)

16 High Street

Unit 5

Salem, MA

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I would like to ensure a good turnout for Sat. in order that we may have a productive, albeit short meeting, so I'll keep pushing it. The more people, the more input. Now's your chance to be in on the ground floor of an interesting kayak project! So join us for coffee, snacks and either a paddle or a visit to the Valley demo afterwards!

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Hi Kevin,

Although I can't be there on Saturday, please count me in for the website development side of this project. I believe Sean is aware of my willingness to help on this, but I just wanted to make sure you knew as well.

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Any thoughts of doing this on a weeknight? 6:30 or 7:00 to allow people to make it after work? I would like to attend but today wasn't going to work.


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I'm interested (even though I may not have alot to share experience-wise), and torn...

I was going to visit the mystic lake group tomorrow to see what their lake session was like, w/o equipment -- just to watch. However I work practically around the block from you, and I would love to meet some more of you and hear about your experiences.

Plus maybe my being a graphic designer could come in handy somehow down the road.

Boy, you guys all have so much interesting stuff going on you're making my head spin!!! :)

Heidi Hall

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