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Bar Harbor area w/i few weeks


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Is anyone heading up to the Bar Harbor area in the next few weeks? I have someone who is interested in my beautiful Red Romany and she could take sooner if the boat was brought up north.

Of course I am sad to see her go but the $$ will go to good use towards kitchen cabinets.


suzanne dot hutchinson at comcast dot net

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Both the Capella and the Romany are great play boats with differences and similarities.

They are similar in stability but would say that the Romany has more primary and it doesn't edge quite as easily. Christa who also bought the 161 calls it "turnier", Alex calls it sportier as it goes over on edge more easily.

The 161 is a faster boat as it has less rocker. It also has a more balanced distribution of the volume in the hull which allows for predictable backwards paddling. A good way to understand this is to paddle backwards in the Romany or the Explorer w/o edging it will start to turn one way or the other and it will now reverse direction quickly - used to an advantage it allows for a reverse high brace turn to get into position for surfing or rescues or just fun. In order to do the similar turn in the Capella, it's necessary to initiate the turn with a sweep and edge before you lean into the reverse high brace.

When surfing the Romany, it needs less attention than the 161 as it is stern weighted (less volume and more defined stern keel) which sorta anchors it going forward. (bad explanation prior, I corrected this sentence.)

The construction quality of the 161 is superior to the Romany. The hatches don't leak, the skeg operates fluidly AND comes equipped with the string already in place. The hatches even come tethered.

Did I mention the seat is comfortable???

If you want to give it a try, let me know!


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