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March 2006 Update


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Dear NSPN members,

I’d like to take this opportunity to update the members as to our recent activities as well as those activities which we see coming up this Spring/Summer paddling season.

Well to start off, for a kayaking club who spends most of their time on warmer waters, we have had a very busy winter.

Pool sessions: We’ve hosted multiple pool sessions in Beverly, Ipswich, Chinatown, and even Brookline. People are having a blast in the water, whether it is learning or fine tuning their rolls, working on their braces, or practicing a scull. We still have more pool sessions open so if you still interested in some pool time please refer to the message board or the calendar.

Workshops: We’ve had some great workshops from weather and navigation, fitness and personal safety, continuing into our annual outfitting and rigging boats workshop. In the near future we’ll be having Kayak Camping, Intro to Kayaking – a beginner’s workshop, and potentially a hands-on full Navigation class with on water practice. Please refer to the message board and calendar for dates and times.

Professional Instruction: This year we’re going to go with a themed approach to instruction. Basically, start from the basics and work towards becoming more accomplished paddlers by the end of the season.

Jun – Back to Basics/Fundamentals (Basic Strokes and Technique)

Jul – Fine Tune Your Skills (Roll, Forward Stroke, Other Adv Techniques)

Aug – Greenland Paddling/Rolling

Sep/Oct – Surf and Rough Water for Beginners/Intermediates

As we’re still in our planning phase; details will be announced when they are ready.

Trip Leader Training: TLT is well underway with 20 aspiring leaders. For those NSPN leaders who would like a refresher or just join the crew on the water, please contact the Trip Leader Committee.

Trip Leader Assessment: As I mentioned in a previous post, the Board is still working on the Trip Leader Assessment and will be rolling this out shortly.

I’m anticipating a great paddling season, and look forward to more trips, events and activities in the future.

Hope to see you on the water,


NSPN President

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