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Penguins Thursday night in Gloucester


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REMINDER: Final Slide/Lecture of the Season at GMHC

THURSDAY, March 2nd, 7 p.m.

Marching With Penguins: A Tourist’s View Of Antarctica

Join Tom Walker at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center (GMHC) tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. as he presents a slide show illustrating his 2005 cruise to the Land of the Penguins. Walker’s three week long journey aboard the “Clipper Adventure” starts and ends in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. The first stop is in the Falkland Islands, six hundred miles from South America. After landings at New and Carcas Islands and a brief visit to Stanley, the capital of the Falklands, the ship heads for South Georgia Island. South Georgia, population two people, has millions of penguins breeding at many sites around the island. The penguins share their island with fur seals, elephant seals, and several abandoned whaling stations. Sir Ernest Shackleton is buried here.

This is the final presentation in the first annual GMHC slide lecture series. Dessert and coffee follow the presentation. There is no charge, but donations are welcomed. For further information, call (978) 281-0470.

Liz N.

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