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another productive and FUN outfitting session!


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Just want to say THANKS to Brian and Richard for their efforts in the session Saturday and Sunday. What a great group of folks were there all supporting the efforts of the others and sharing hints and tools and stuff!! Special thanks to Brian for the GREAT and GENEROUS teacher that he is...I am SOOOO happy with my new bulkhead!!


mystic and explorer lv

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I shall join in the chorus of approval. Thank you Brian.

In my quest to methodically rid the world of factory installed footpegs and bulkheads, I made regular raids on Mr. Nystroms supply depot (space heater, solvents, vice grips, and legendary Fein edge- sanding wondertool ), and was able to remove the seat, footpegs and both bulkheads from my guest/family boat, and wish I could have attended both days to complete the job. Between applications of epoxy, I enjoyed watching the others at work: Kevin's newly glued hatches bristling with quick grip clamps, Mary mostly visible only from waist down, her upper torso swallowed by the gaping maw of her cockpit as she installed new bulkheads , and Deb nestling her new minicell seat to her breast, like Madonna with child, strumming it with a surform rasp , her fleece sweater slowly vanishing under an increasingly dense veil of blue particles. Does life get any better than this?

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