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Boat for pool session

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Is there anyone going to the pool session on Sat. that can bring an extra boat? A friend is attending, but she lost access to the loaner boat she has used previously. I'm spotting but also attending the outfitting workshop so I can't guarantee that my boat will be available for her to use.

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I will be sharing a spot at the pool session on Saturday. I will be bringing a whitewater boat which your friend is welcome to use while I'm not. I'll be using the boat from 6-6:30. It will be available from 6:30-7 and then I'll use it again from 7-7:30. I plan to get on the road at about 7:45. It's only a short time, but maybe someone else can fill in a bit more time if you haven't found a boat for the entire session yet.

The boat is a Liquidlogic Lil Joe. Depending on your friend's size, we may have to take out the hip/thigh pads. There is foam vs foot pegs which I don't think is adjustable, but the seat can be adjusted several inches. It fits my height well (5'4").

Let me know if you are interested.


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