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Outfitting Workshop 2-25 & 2-26 - UPDATED with Directions

Brian Nystrom

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Once more, Richard Najarian has pulled some strings and found us a location for an outfitting workshop! We are again in his debt.

Date: February 25 & 26, 2006.


Waltham, MA



The location is in the rear and opposite end of the same building we've used in the past.

Address: Waverly Oaks Office Park

411 Waverly Oaks Rd. (Route 60), Waltham,

Unit #168

Our location is next to the Karate Studio located at the rear of the first long building running parallel to Waverly Oaks Rd. The warehouse door is marked #168.

There will be signs on the loading dock and door.


Time: 9AM - 5PM both days.


The new location is smaller than the old one, but can accommodate ~12 boats at a time AND it even has a working bathroom! Those interested in participating should post here. If anyone is interested in assisting, please let me know.

As with previous workshops, we will concentrate on deck rigging, foam padding installation, deck-mounted tow rig installations and similar operations. It will also be possible to do some repairs, such as skeg cables, removal/repair of seats, etc. Last year, we did some bulkhead removal and installations (epoxy and fiberglass) and some minor hull repair. As in previous years, I would prefer not to do gelcoat or polyester/vinylester work, due to the fumes.

If you're interested, please post here with:

- Your name

- How many boats you intend to bring

- What day(s) you would like to attend

- What type of work you would like to do

- Any supplies you will need.

- Any questions you have

I will have the following supplies available:

- Black and white deck line

- Black bungee cord

- Wooden balls for deck rigging

- Minicel pump blocks for under-deck mounting

- Minicel foam in various thicknesses

I'll also bring the "magic band saw", a drill press and the star of last year's workshop, the Fein Multimate. I'll have various other tools, too.

Feel free to bring anything else you need. The closest source for supplies is probably West Marine in Woburn. If you need something and can't find it, post it here and we'll see if we can find a source for you.

Although we will have extension cords and some accessory lighting, feel free to bring your own. Also, if you want prefer to work off the floor, bring sawhorses or other stands. If you intend to work on the floor, a pad/carpet for under your boat is a good idea.

Safety equipment is required at these workshop. Safety glasses and an organic vapor respirator are highly recommended for ALL participants and they are MANDATORY If you're going to do any gluing. Both are available inexpensively at home centers, hardware stores and paint stores. Latex, nitrile or rubber gloves are also a good idea.

See you there!



Participant list


Kim & Mike Crouse----1 boat

Mary Bennett--------1 boat--------1 boat

Kevin B--------------1 boat-------1 boat

Deb Millar-------------------------1 boat

Bob Clarke------------------------1 boat

Jason Kates-----------------------1 boat

Judy Whipple----------------------1 Boat

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Hi Brian,

Mike and I would like to come Saturday, Feb 25th. We plan to bring the tandem (Alute II)to install foam seats, deck rigging, etc. Any chance we'd be able to do some gel coat work? There are a couple holes we need to patch. Thanks so much for doing this!

-Kim Crouse

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I was tempted to put the tandem down as two boats...

As for gelcoat repair, until I see what kind of ventilation the facility has, I really can't say yes. My main concern has to be the safety and comfort of the participants. As you know from past workshops, the glue fumes alone can be pretty oppressive.

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I will also bring glow-in-the-dark beads for those that want them. Does anybody want fluorescent and reflective tape for paddles too? I have some left over from our paddles.

Another helpful tool to have with you for working inside boats is an LED headlamp. If your bulkheads are glass and the resin isn't pigmented, it's even better to put a bright flashlight or lantern on the far side of one. It really lights up the inside of the boat without blinding you.


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Will I be able to repair a leak in my (dare I say it) plastic boat? There's a leak in the bulkhead b/w the day hatch and the cockpit.

And put me in for some bungee material & deck lines.

How long do you think it'll take?


Red Necky Elaho

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I would suggest picking up some Marine Goop or Lexel sealer to seal your bulkhead with. The actual amount of time to do the work would be a matter of 1-15 minutes of cleaning and application, but it will take several hours to dry. Deck rigging can take up to an hour, depending on how extensive the changes are.

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Hi Brian,

I'd like to attend the Sunday 2/26 session with my Anas Acuta. I'm looking to foam the bulkhead and cockpit (including pump under the deck), adapt/install rear deck mounted tow line, hydration system, maybe a couple other small things as time permits. I'd also like to disscuss/ perhaps see an example of seat removal/replacement. I think I have all the foam and hardware needed, except for maybe a small amount of deck line and bungee.


Gary Buzzell

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I'd like to go both days to work on my Explorer. Ideally, I'd like to foam out the bulkhead/cockpit, including a place for the bilge pump, rework the deck lines and apply Pro-stripe to the deck. Time permitting, I'd like to install a towing rig on the back deck as well.

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Hi Brian,

Bob and I would like to attend the Sunday session. I'd be bringing the Explorer LV aka Pinky to foam up the bulkhead and put in a pump etc holder. I might also be brining the Vela, which needs the seat put back in its proper place and generally foamed out.

If I don't bring the Vela, then Bob will bring his Tempest165 for pretty much the same stuff I need to do on The Pinkster. We will bring our own minicell, butcher knives and Surform.

Deb Millar

Bob Clarke

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I would like to be penciled into a spot for Sunday the 26th (If the spots are filled up I should be bumped before someone else is put on the waiting list).

I will be in DC for work the 23 though the 25th and 80% chance of heading back on on the 25th.

For my boat (Nigel Foster shadow), I would like to fix my skeg.

Create a spot under the deck for my hand pump. (Brian can I purchase the clips for this from you?).

And if the ventilation is up for it I would like to:

Repair my gelcoat.

Remove the remainder of my foot pump by:

Fiberglass my bulkhead

Fiberglass my deck.

putting gelcoat on my deck.

Thanks -Jason


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I have plenty of pump mounts, so no problem there. You can do fiberglass work as long as you use epoxy. After discussing the location with Richard, I'm pretty well convinced that doing gelcoat work is not going to be possible. Not only is the location smaller, but there are neighboring businesses that we need to be considerate of.

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A bit of advice on respirators with organic vapor cartridges:

The typical repirator mask itself is long lasting , but the removable cartridges/ filters need to be periodically replaced. They are usually activated charcoal filters, meaning that they are passively absorbing organic vapors, whether on your face or sitting in your garage or workshop. Although 40 hours a reasonable lifetime for an organic vapor cartridge/filter , it is entirely dependent on the amount of vapors being absorbed (e.g. working in an enclosed & unventilated area filled with acetone fumes or solvents will use up a cartridge very fast, working outside will use them up slower)

SO, If you have a respirator, and its been sitting around for a few months , the filters might well be used up, so make sure to have fresh cartridges/filters.

Also, the dust/mist prefilter is what filters out particles (from grindng, sanding etc) which tend not to smell bad but which can be as hazardous, perhaps more so, than organic vapors. If you are getting a respirator, try to get one with separate changable cartridges and dust/mist prefilters.

The best way to store a respirator is in a ziploc bag or a tupperware container.

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Hi Brian -

Thanks for doing this!

If there's still room, I would like to sign up for the Sunday. My Explorer needs a number of things, among them new deck rigging, troubleshooting a leaking day hatch, hole drilling for compass mount and hatch pressure relief, foaming the pedal area of the cockpit ... or whatever subset of these is manageable in one session.



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You aren't going to rest until I'm back in my Shadow, are you? :-)

The tandem is first on the restoration list, then some Argonaut outfitting (new seat, back pad) then the Shadow or Gulfstream. The GS needs some light touching up and then it will probably be for sale. Truthfully I'm a bit scared of starting on the Shadow since it needs a new cockpit coaming and I don't think I can just order one from Seaward as my Shadow has slightly different thigh braces. Making a new coaming is not a weekend job, I bought the plans from one ocean kayak that show you how to make a carbon coaming, but it's going to take a long time to do that.

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Hey Brian,

I just found out from GRO that my new boat, that was supposed to be here the beginning of January, won't be here till April. Guess all the changes at Valley have slowed things down quite a bit. As there's nothing I really need to do to my other boat, some one else can have my spot on Sunday. I would still like to come and see how some things are done, if thats OK.



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