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General Skills Training

Dee Hall

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The NSPN Trip Leader Committee has opened up some of the 2006 Trip Leader Training modules to the general membership on a first-come-first-serve basis. The modules available to non-trainees are:

All classes are 9 AM to 5 PM

* March 5 Trip Planning Classroom 8 hours

Planning for trips including chart reading, wind and waves, tides and currents, route selection, put-in and take-out, equipment, safety procedures, emergency procedures and risk assessment.

* March 19 Safety on the Water Classroom 4 hours

Pre-trip organization, beach briefings, equipment check, launch and landing procedures, paddle formations, signals, comfort and health, boat traffic, VHF procedures and emergencies. (Morning)

* March 19 Navigation I Classroom 4 hours

Basic chart reading and compass work including plotting courses, taking bearings and following headings. Equivalent is needed in order to take intermediate navigation. (Afternoon)

* April 23 Rescues and Tows On Water 8 hours

Towing equipment, rigging tows, contact tows, single and multiple line tows, self-rescues, Eskimo rescues, T-rescue and variations.


To sign up, please email the following information to Dee Hall at:


* Name

* General Skills Training

* Home Phone

* Work Phone

* Cell Phone

* Email Address

* Mailing Address

* Emergency Contact Name

* Emergency Contact Telephone Number

* Description of boat (Manufacturer, Model, color, length)

* ACA Membership Number

To make it easier to cut and paste for registration, please submit in the following format


Jane Smith

General Skills Training

home: 617 333-4444

cell: 508 555-6666



123 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

John Smith

617 333-4444 or 617 222-3333 cell

Impex Diamante, yellow over white, 16.5’






Thanks. We hope you're excited about this as we all are.

NSPN Trip Leader Committee

Dee Hall, Co-chair

Brian Nystrom, Co-Chair

Linda Shelburne

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