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February 11 Chinatown pool session CANCELLED


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The latest NWS forecast is for a winter storm watch to take effect my 7 PM Saturday evening, right when the pool session starts. That means snow is expected to arrive at that time. Intensification is expected to happen fast, with blizzard like conditions in the later hours.

In the interest of safety for BCNC staff and pool session attendees, the saturday night session has been cancelled. BCNC will work with NSPN to provide an alternative session. Sorry for the inconvenience but I'd rather error on the side of safety.


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I'm sorry, but I see absolutely no reason to panic and cancel the pool session more than 24 hours in advance with the forecasted late start of this storm. At least wait until the morning (or later) to get a more accurate forecast.

The real storm was forecasted to arrive AFTER midnight, there was a 30-40% chance of snow showers earlier in the evening. This is New England; if activities were canceled at the mere future threat of snow, little would be done during many winters. Also, remember the forecast typically gives worst case scenarios for safety, if it says snow after midnight, it may start well after midnight.

At 12:30 am on Sunday morning, I had yet to see a single snowflake fall in Brookline.

Ralph Cohn

Elaho DS, blue & white with yellow trim

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