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May 27 Pool Session - 4 slots open

bob budd

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Last pool session of the year. You can't miss it!

Maximum number of attendees is 10. Sessions start at 6PM at the Sterling Center in Beverly. Please be prompt about exiting the pool by 8PM and changing, exiting. Please arrive early to sign in and assist/carry your boat up the bank to the pool. Use the driveway to the left hand side of the building, returning to the parking lot or make sure you clear the pavement.

The pool is ~1 mile south of Rte 128 at Exit 18-Rte 22. North bound merge from the right, Southbound turn left at the end of the ramp and pass under the highway. The pool is on the right, less than a mile from the highway, if you reach Ice House Ln you have gone too far.

May 27 - 6 participants, 1 spotter

Please volunteer to spot on the dates below. The rewards are boundless.

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Gwen from the Beverly Y just called me. She wants to change the time for the remaining Saturday sessions to a bit later. She indicated the time was originally 5-7 pm, and she would prefer you come at 5:15 instead (they are in "meter season" - something about changing the pool length). I did not realize the session started at 6, so you may be all set anyway? Please give her a call at (978)927-6855, x106.

Thanks, Constance

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To confuse things further, I just got a call from Gwen stating she incorrectly notified Constance about the pool session for this Saturday. Turns out she was notifying the wrong group. NSPN doesn't have a session this Saturday.

NSPN's May 27 session is to be at the normal time unless Bob puts up a change of time post.


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