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MDI travel rules


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Maine tourism groups have been running a lot of advertisements on Pandora. They really miss us..

I'll be up at MDI  thurs.-Sun and report back on the crowds and concerns with Covid.  Two weeks ago at the Moosehead area and Greenville it was pretty laid back except in restaurants and stores.

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Maine is requiring a PCR covid test - my local test site can do those tests but results could take up to 14 days.  Maine requires a negative test within 72 hours. How are people managing this?  Thanks!  Sherry 

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I just got back from MDI.  Fortunately even with MA license plates, I had no problems with anyone.  Things were notably less crowded...although I was staying on quiet side of the island.  
As for Covid testing, I'm fortunate to be a Cambridge resident and was able to get a free PCR test...with results back in 24 hrs!

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The east side was crowded over the weekend. Downtown BH was busy late sat. afternoon. Lots of masks and protocols but in reality people get close. Strange to see couples hiking and biking uphill with masks on when they are not near anyone. I kept my mask handy and used when near others. 

  There is cheap lodging and the campground was 1/3 full but more came on the weekend.

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2 hours ago, josko said:

Is there any indication of when Maine's test-or-quarantine requirement for MA  might be lifted?

No.  Numbers going up in MA.  We're heading in wrong direction with metrics and ME will not  welcome us until metrics in line with theirs. ?

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This is their definition of self quarantine.  I take this to mean that a trip to Bar Harbor can be done without a  test in advance .  

 If  I :  travel to Maine, stay in a single cabin, bring my own food and supplies, never enter any  building (eg, restaurant, bar, supermarket, retail store,  museum, restroom,  convenience store etc) kayak alone  or with  my travel party , hike or bike while maintaining considerable (well over 6  feet)  social  distance from others,  , order food for pickup ( I would define  as: pay in advance &  it's brought out and put on my car hood ) I am within the guidelines of self quarantine, with or without a test in advance.  I think that I could manage a trip to Bar Harbor under  those conditions.  


Q. What does quarantine mean?
A: During quarantine, a visitor may not interact with others outside their travel party or go into public spaces like shops and restaurants. They may go outside for recreation in uncrowded areas provided they abide by physical distancing guidelines and avoid contact with other people. For example, if you can do the following a safe distance away from other people, you may:

go for walks  in uncrowded areas
canoe and kayak 

Bike on uncrowded trails 
swim in lakes ,ponds, and rivers

Take a scenic drive
relax and take in the views 

get takeout and delivered meals 

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