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Little Wing---Adam Balonsky


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I just read the review of the Little Wing by Adam Balonsky---I'm fascinated by this boat---the reveiw said it rolled "relativly easily"---does this mean as easy say as the Tempest 170--my current boat? I guess the only real way for me to see is to go test paddle one but since I'm lazy and hate to drive in Mass I was wondering how you would compare it to the Tempest in terms of rolling. It doesn't suprise me that it is faster than the Tempest---My regular paddling partner has a kit built fiberglass and wood kayak---I have to work just to keep up with him and when he decides to dig in, I end up way behind. However I love the Tempest's seaworthiness and its easy rolling capacity and would not want to trade it for speed---If I could get both then maybe the 4000+ price tag of the Little Wing might be worth it. BTY, why would any designer put the skeg controls on the inside of the cockpit?

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Hi John,

the Little Wing was as easy to roll as the Tempest but not quite as fast overall --- too short. It was as fast as my Tempest on demo day mostly because a newer padder was in my Tempest and I had put the jets on so I could outpace the two longer kayaks. So I wouldn't say that the Little Wing would be faster overall. It's too short relative to a full-length seakayak. But then again, the Tempest 17 is no speedster either. Its expedition width was made for seaworthiness, not speed, as you of course know.. (I've got one too and have had to adjust to chasing everyone else these days, Monster Kates notwithstanding.)

Yes, it is unusual to have the skeg control inside the cockpit. But Zac and Warren say they will customize hulls to put the controls outside the cockpit. Thing is, the boat is almost too loose with the skeg up. You really need it down to make the boat track properly.

If you want more info email Zac or Warren.

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