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Wednesday Lunch Paddle 6/17/2020

Joseph Berkovitz

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Another perfect day on the water. How does it happen, week after week? We don’t know. But it does!

Today featured 9 paddlers (one cancelled): me, Bob, Jane Cobb, Prudence Baxter, Nancy Hill, Pat Donahue,  Mike Hazeltine, Al Coons and Liz Neumeier. We had sunny skies, both air and water at about 65 F, a nice 2 foot swell to make things interesting and wind around 5-8 kt SE. We went around MHd. Neck along the rocks down to Tinkers for lunch and then did a bit of surfing at the subtle Devereux surf spot.

We had enough action Between rocks and surf to send several of our number harmlessly into the drink at various times. One bit of intel was gleaned: the “social distancing T rescue” in which the swimmer does a cowboy scramble while the rescuer steadies the bow of their boat in front of them on their front deck is... not very steady.

there was also an exciting lost car-key search at the beginning of the paddle in which the Marblehead FD opened a paddler’s car by force to help in finding the key (at the time presumed to be locked inside by accident).  However the key was found forthwith in the paddlers cockpit and all was well with an on time launch. I am far too modest to say who found the key. 

please append photos from the water, people! The only picture I took was this:


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