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Weather/Wave/Safey Course for the 21st - Gould Barn 10 AM


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Here's an update for the weather/wave course.

First - thanks for the great turn-out on the 7th. For those of you keeping track of the weather, I hope you may have noticed that we had a warm/tropical maritime pattern that suddenly got hammered by a cold/continental front yesterday. If not....well, no comment.

We'll be doing this again on the 21st at the Gould Barn. I'll be doing weather/waves from 10-12, and Bob Budd will be doing safety from 1-4 PM.

In weather/waves, I'll do a bit more detail on thunderstorms, since there were some questions about this, then briefly on sea mirages (fata morgana etc), then onto waves.

I will need a flip chart, if there's one available.

Any general comments on the course, or things you'd like reviewed, or general questions, please post them. I'm still trying to post my slides from last time- I didn't forget.

John H.

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All is confirmed with the barn for this event. It will be open by 9 a.m.

Could someone volunteer to arrive early and help John setup? I would also really appreciate it if one volunteer could be there to collect membership checks and paperwork. Please arrive with completed paperwork to make things easier for the volunteer.

I will be out of touch for a week and most likely unable to access the internet/e-mail so I would appreciate it if a volunteer posts here if they can do this.

I am really disappointed that I will be missing this but sometimes this work stuff gets in the way.



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If you could help with a snack, that would be useful. I'll be bringing three boxes of Starbucks Coffee.

There is a projection screen there, so there's no problem.

I will need a flip-chart etc, so if Liz and get this to Rick to get to the Barn, that would help.

We still need a volunteer to collect dues.

Remember to bring a bag-lunch!

I'll be bringing handouts for a weather journal/predictions for the period between the 7th and 22nd.

John Huth

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>You do not need to register to take the course - it will be

>for "all comers" who are registered and current with NSPN.

I sent in our membership appliction and check in Dec., but check has not cleared and no mail notification of being considered member. So what to I need to prove I'm current with the NSPN at course?

Ed Lawson

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>>I will volunteer to collect the dues.



>Payment accepted in cash, check, or fluffer-nutter.

I have a dozen forms printed out, if you can please bring the form filled out ( http://www.nspn.org/NSPForm0305.pdf ) with a check mande payable to NSPN.

While fluffer-nutters are great food sources the bank doesn't yet have a conversion tables for them.

Thanks -Jason

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I had to leave the seminar early yesterday but I would like to still attend on the 21st as well. Could post either your slideshow or a link to it so I can see what I missed and try to make sure I'm up to speed for the next date. Also, specifics regarding the weather journal to be kept would be helpful as well.


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