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Found this link to MapTech with free downloadable charts. These are original NOAA charts.

They work with Chart Navigator (which is a commercial product). Charts are the same provided with Chart Navigator, but without the value added features such as on-chart links to tidal and current stations, seamless switching to topo maps, etc.

You can download a demo version of the Chart Navigator viewer (a 35 Mb file), but I haven't tried it. Presumably it is limited in some way.

The site is a little klunky and takes some effort to get the downloads, but the charts themselves are very high quality.




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Wow, Scott, this is terrific! How did you find it?

I have the MapTech software and was resigned to paying their outrageous prices for charts. For example, I did not get the region for Tybee, since it would be $100+ for one week's use. But with this stuff, I could get it.

So, what's missing for the pricey official charts? Well, for one, they may not tie together seamlessly, as the $$$ ones do, but I should check. I'm sure, also, that they won't have tide and current stations, but they sell you that data for $25/2-years anyway. The current stations are particularly valuable, since calculating them by hand from reference stations in Eldrige etc can be a p.i.t.a.

I wonder why (a) these are so hidden; (B) MapTech does it at all. I bet it has something to do with the terms for MapTech using the NOAA charts in their commercial products.


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