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Circumnavigation of Srilanka by kayak update


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The following is an email I received from Matt;

"Hi Walter,

all is not good in Sri Lanka. There is an escalating political situation with

daily attacks on government troops by the LTTE. I am waiting for external

sponsors to offer cash ( I am running out of money) but none has been

forthcoming, also I am unable to attract any other international sea kayakers

out here so the trip is currently hanging in the balance. You can see the

amount of violence taking place by logging on to www.tamilnet.com, this is a

partisan sight that is biased towards the LTTE but it will give you an idea of

the problems.

I am unfortunately feeling very alone and slightly stuck out here. Thank you

for your words of support though. It does seem that this is one adventure that

will be out of my grasp.

Regards Matt"

It seems as though Politics can be a major problem for kayakers all over the world.

At a time of year when most of the population is tressing peace or at least thinking about it.

To bad more of the population does not get out in a kayak to enjoy and experience the peace on the water as we all have.

Happy New Year to all and peace to all.

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