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Paddling in Santa Cruz, CA Area 12/25-31?


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I'm headed to Santa Cruz in a couple of days, and would like to get out on the ocean there. Does anyone have suggestions re: 1) places to paddle, and 2) places at which to rent a kayak? I have not found much with either of those subjects so far, as the Monterey-area outfitters seem to have sit-on-tops mostly for summer, and the Half Moon Bay area outfitter (California Canoe and Kayak) does mostly instruction, and not this time of year. I could take my drysuit along, but won't bother if there's no purpose.

Thanks - John

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Thanks Cathy and Jeff. I also heard via email from another member this morning. It turns out that Montery Bay Sea Kayaks has a Moss Landing location, and paddling at high tide in something called The Elkhorn Slough reveals nice vistas and seabird habitats, even in the winter. Scott Camlin told me about an ACA club out there called "Western Sea Kayakers" so I'm trying to make contact with that club. All the club pictures show most folks wearing drysuits on every trip, so I know the Pacific is going to be cold. Thanks again - John Gamel

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