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I wonder how far they were from the coast of Maine. There are sharks around here but I've never heard of them attacking a boat. When I was a kid on Islesboro, one summer there was a shark scare in Penobscot Bay. The chiken processing plant in Belfast was dumping the byproduct (blood and guts) into the bay and literally thousands of sharks were attracted. One of them came nosing around a boy who was swimming off the Islesboro town landing but it didn't attack---a fisherman chased it off with a motorized skiff. That's the only shark incident I've heard of on the Maine coast---anybody hear of any others in New England?

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The International Shark Attack File ( http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/sharks/stati...tack/mapusa.htm ) lists 3 attacks for Mass. with two fatalities, the last in 1936. A woman I know was bitten by a blue shark well offshore of RI while climbing back on the boat after diving with the sharks (they were chumming).

Food for thought, the seal population in New England is exploding; the graph I saw shows near exponential rate of increase. The great whites are out there and the shark experts (at least Greg Skomal) are wondering when they may start moving inshore to hunt.



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Last summer while guiding I came across a seal carcass on a ledge on Hell's Half Acre, an island in the Stonington area---the head was missing, having been severed cleanly from the body---at the time I thought it had a run in with a power boat but after reading the article above, I'm thinking now it might have been a victim of a shark attack---it was badly decomposed and looked like various parts may have been eaten(but really to hard to tell) Do sharks always eat the seal or not?

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