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Brookline Pool Session - 12/16/2005 - Report


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Five NSPN members and one guest appeared last night at Brookline Pool for our session. David Lewis, Peter Brady, Miriam Levine, Ralph Cohn and I comprised the members, and Martin Hensel, the guest. Thanks to David for bringing along an extra boat and equipment for Martin (long-ago whitewater paddler) to use. Thanks to all who provided advice, teaching assistance, and spotting at times for those who were learning new skills (mostly me).

Other than some minor parking issues (a Brookline High dance was underway), and some minor exertions required to get long boats through a poorly-placed door, the evening went well.

The Brookline Pool,aka Currane Aquatic Center, consists of one large pool, and two smaller pools...one for diving, one with 3-foot depth. If NSPN uses Brookline in the future, I think eight boats could use the main pool with two others in the deeper (12-feet) diving pool. I think the 3-foot depth pool might be too shallow for rolling.

Again, thanks to all for showing up, and to Dee Hall for helping a neophyte registrar learn the ropes.

John "Why does my shoulder hurt this morning?" Gamel

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The three foot depth should work for rolling and be good for teaching, at least for smaller paddlers. I've rolled in water that shallow. Cheri Perry teaches people to use shallow water for rolling practice so they can use the bottom to right themselves if they miss the roll (3 feet may be a little deep for that).

Miriam and I liked using the Brookline pool (only 5 minutes or so from our house) and would do more sessions there if offered.

Ralph Cohn

Elaho DS, blue & white with yellow trim

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