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paging the Subaru Guru

Adam Bolonsky

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Hey Ernie:

I'm trying to remove the bolts on the thermostat housing on my '93 Toyota.

Any ideas on how to do so without snapping the bolt or shearing the head? It's probably the orginal, thus twelve years on.

Someone mentioned heat. I have a propane torch but am wondering whether that gets hot enough to help loosen a frozen-on bolt.

Any help you can send along would be appreciated.

Recent records on thread posts withstanding, this is a real post.

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Hi Adam! Sorry I never caught this query. Try soaking area with a strong penetrant (not WD40 or others that vaporize quickly) overnight. Heat-treating cycles will help, but be prepared to strip head threads anyway if the bolts don't snap. In the former event you'll have to retap for larger bolts...in the latter drill out and then use whatever fits well. Remember that you're only tightening a gasket here, so even though there's thermal cycling you only need enough tension to prevent leaks. Geometry is more important than torque, and silicone may help.

Hope to see you on the water soon.

And call me if a recent Subie is in your future too.


781 483-3922

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