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Notes on Pool Sessions - Please read

Dee Hall

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As many of you may have noticed, the pool sessions are starting. You can now sign up for the Chinatown and our first Brookline pool sessions. For those that haven't attended a pool session before, here is some useful information.

Most of our pool sessions are informal and for paddlers of all abilities. There will be some spotters to help, but don't count on someone there beside you the whole time. Usually you can get help with anything from your first wet exit to rolling and sculling. Forward stroke work is pretty difficult in a pool.

You show up about 15 minutes before the posted time with your CLEAN boat, paddle, sprayskirt, and PFD. This means no dirt/sand, leaves, or salt. We usually help each other carry our boats into the building.

There is a locker room with showers, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there are lockers to store your clothes, wallet, etc. in. The locker rooms are often shared with a larger facility, so make sure your valuables are secured.

Most people wear some sort of neoprene because it's easy to to get cool while fooling around in a pool. Don't forget to shower before getting into the pool - state law. Other helpful things to have: scuba mask, nose plugs, paddle float, and towel.

When you first contact the registrar of a pool session, please include: Your name, phone number, NSPN membership number, expiration date, boat description, emergency contact and their phone number in the email.

All pool sessions this year are going to be $20 for members, $40 for non-members which includes the ACA event membership fee. Checks should be written out to "North Shore Paddlers Network" and mailed to the Registrar to reserve your spot. If you aren't a member, printing and filling out the second page of the membership forms at:


and sending in with your payment will save you a lot of time at the pool session. Registrars are not going to be collecting membership renewal forms. If you haven't received your card yet, then send a copy of the membership committee's e-mail to the Registrar.

Pool sessions are non-refundable. People who can't make their session often advertise on the message board for someone to take their slot.

Please post any questions here.


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