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Ideas for paddling partners in New Zealand?


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I hope to be visiting the South Island of New Zealand sometime during the end of Feb to early March 06.

If anyone has any ideas about kayaking clubs or folks to contact to do a 7-9 day wilderness trip, I'd appreciate the help.



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You should check out the Sea Kayak Operators of new Zealand Association. I think the website is www.skoanz.org, but if you google it it should pop up. They have a list of members and guides, and if the extremely rigorous guide qualification process is any indicator, the member outfits should be of exceptional quality. Andrew and I were contemplating a possible move there last year, so I started looking at jobs and outfitters. In Dunedin on the South Island there is or was an outfit called Wild Earth Adventures which has a good reputation, and that area the Otago Peninsula is supposed to be a remarkable wildlife destination.

Sounds like fun no matter what! We are planning a trip there next winter, so will want a full trip report when you return...


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If you're also a diver or snorkeler (or hanger-out- upside- down- in- kayak- with mask) I have heard that New Zealand has some very unique undersea life. Water is too cold for extensive coral reefs , but in places there are spectacular undersea rock formations covered with beautiful and exotic invertebrates, marine life, etc.

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