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photoshop geniuses?

Adam Bolonsky

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Any ideas on how to color correct this composite image? I'd assume the eyedropper tool would do well, but images as complex as this are WAY out of my league....

By the way, this shows both Monomoys, the start of the Chatham Break, Hardings Beach, Stage Harbor, and the Morris Island causeway. Pretty much all there is to Monomoy unless you plan like Jim Hartley to use Monomoy as a starting point for a paddle to Great Point, Nantucket.

Hartely is even more of a whackjob than Stephens but perhaps not as grumpy.

Posted Image

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I was able to get a very high quality land-sat photo by using NASA's WorldWind.

I can't seem to post it here, but I can e-mail it to you.

Yes, Hartley's a bit of a...well....but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in crossing from Monomoy to Nantucket. Any takers?

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If you have a newer version of photoshop (CS1 or 2) you can let the program create the panoramic.

Put all the images into a folder

Under the file pull down menu choose automate/photomerge

select that folder

You can choose if you want the image flattened or you can keep it as seperate layers, if you keep it as seperate layers you can adjust it after photoshop has done its adjusting.

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In Photoshop CS try playing with: Image:Adjustments:Match Color

Make two copies of the image select one area in one, and a different area in the other and run the color match. Keep selecting different areas in the second image. This should make an improvement, but if the different images are taken at different times, it will be difficult to get a really good color match.

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