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Several people asked for the recipe for the bread pudding at the party tonight. It's called "White Chocolate Challah Pudding" from the "The Figs Table" (Todd English's Figs Restaurants in Charlestown, etc -- cookbook and restaurants highly recommended). It turns out the recipe is online...


One modification I found useful -- use more than 4 C of challah chunks. I added probably 2 C more to make sure the pan was fairly well stuffed when the bread was pressed down, and may add even more next time. If you don't do that, it tends to fall after coming out of the oven. But it's fine, since the challah loaf I used probably would have supplied 8 C or more, so the 4 C in the recipe may be a mistake (or maybe I was supposed to squash the bread down into the 4 C measure).

Happy pudding!


PS: Nobody used the raspberry sauce that I spent 15 minutes mashing through a strainer ;-(

PPS: Thanks to the organizers and helpers for a very enjoyable party, and to the cooks for the great food.

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My wife Ellen (a pro baker) thought it was the best of the desserts, but neither of us dared try the bright red "blue cheese sauce" -labelled topping!


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