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Question about posting here!


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Vincent Shay

2200 El Dorado St.

Los Osos, Ca 93402


Howdy all. Got a question for you on this forum. I am curious why my posts in the past have been 'nuked' when I mentioned that I had a paddlesurf video for sale? About 3-4 post down a person posted about a video for sale and how to obtain it, etc, here is the link:


No one I think made any public comment on how that was wrong and the post was not removed. I think I have had a few posts removed from here. And read the riot act for not 'following the rules'.

Not trying to create waves or piss anyone off, I was sincerely curious.

Thanks in advance for any explanations...

Vince Shay

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Hi Vince,

I don't think your post actually got "nuked", i think they were simply moved to the "Events and Commercial Classified" section of our forums. We do try to maintain a seperation between General forum posts and post that are of a commercial nature. My post that you referenced, on one hand, maybe should have been in the commercial section, but, as Bob has pointed out, I was simply pointing people to where they could get it, and have no personal interest in the sale of the video.

I do encourage you to continue to post your surf videos. I, as well as many others in this club are avid kayak surfers and look foward to your posts. Please post any advertisements for your videos in our Commercial section.

Your videos are awesome...keep up the good work!

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You are always good for a laugh and never say mean things so you can stick around!

Vince - I love your videos and didn't you make a surf kayak that looked awfully sweet? I think I remember seeing your link eons ago before I moved house and packed away my boats so that I couldn't paddle. Well, I'm paddling again now (soon as I can figure out this car thing...) and can't wait to get back in shape and get back on the water again!


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