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Brit's Circumnavigation of South Georgia Island


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I followed the news about the Kiwi's 1St circumnavigation of South Georgia Island. They did it in 20 days I believe?

Does it appear to anyone else that the Brits are tring to do the circumnavigation in a shorter time than the Kiwi's?

Does it appear as though the Brits are about two days ahead of the Kiwi's

as of there current reported location in comparison to were the Kiwi's were at this juncture in there circumnavigation?


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Well "Congratulations to the Brits" on circumnavigating South Georgia Island in record time 18 days, I believe!

Yes, they finished there cicumnavigation today Dec 1, 2005 at 2200 hrs.

Big time difference between use and them!

They finished the trip with the temperature dropping, winds increasing(30-35 and increasing), and yes it was snowing.They had to use there compasses to finish as the visability had dropped.

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