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Weather/Nav course


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Here's an update for everyone:

We'll have the weather/navigation course on January 7th and 21st in the Gould Barn in Topsfield. I'll be doing weather (and waves). Rick Crangle will be doing Navigation.

Here's the list (non-alpha, sorry) of people who have expressed interest in the weather course so far:

Mears Walter

Dempsey Deb

Shelburne Karen

Lewis David

Neumeier Liz

Hutchison Suzanne

Shelburne Linda

Kates Jason

Phelan Patty

Bruce Scott

Reynolds Anne

Whipple Judy

Casey Jeff

Coons Al

Gendron Deborah

Konish Paul

Smith Gerry

Crouse Kimberly

Hurd Joan

Here's the syllabus so far for the weather course:

Draft syllabus for kayak weather course

January 7th syllabus

I Basics

a) Hot and cold air densities

B) Temperature as a function of altitude, latitude, adiabatic cooling

c) Equal pressure assumption

d) Pressure as a function of altitude

e) Coriolis effect

f) Global weather patterns, doldrums, trades, mid-latitudes, polar

II Fronts and barometric pressures

a) Warm fronts

B) Cold fronts

c) Winds – veering and backing

d) Nor’easters

e) Cyclonic disturbances

III Winds

a) Beaufort scale

B) Backing and veering

c) Cyclonic

d) Rules for high and low pressure circulation

e) Katabatic winds

f) Chinook winds

IV Special topics

a) Radiative and advective (hot and cold) fog

B) Tropical onshore and offshore patterns

V Clouds

a) Cirrus (mare’s tails)

B) Cirrocumulus (mackerel scales)

c) Altocumulus (rollers)

d) Altostratus

e) Stratus

f) Nimbostratus (rain clouds)

g) Cumulus (puffy clouds)

h) Nimbocumulus (thunder clouds)

i) Bizarre clouds – noctilucent, lenticular

Homework assignment

In the two weeks between meetings, keep a weather log, noting cloud formations, weather state, wind direction and velocity (even if in the Beaufort scale). If available, report temperature and barometric pressure. Use handout on weather signs to try to predict weather state and compare with predictions.

January 21st

VI Weather signs

a) Winds and fronts

B) Halos around sun/moon

c) Red sky at night/morning etc

d) Reading the clouds

e) Dew, humidity

f) Northern/southern hemisphere considerations

g) Barometric pressure and wind directions

h) Mirages – fata morgana, green flash, distant images

VI Waves

a) Circulation pattern in water waves

B) Velocity, period relations

c) Swells

d) Waves, breaking conditions

e) Cat’s paw

f) Reflections

g) Refraction

h) Clapotis

i) Eckman transport (wind driven currents)

j) Effect of fetch, wind velocity on wave height and period

k) Effect of current, seafloor

l) Freak waves and sets

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The question has been asked if this course is open to non-members. It is not. It is open to members only, the space is paid for by dues and therefore open to members only.

As always, membership paperwork will be available at the holiday party (Dec. 3- Gould Barn, Topsfield), great time to renew and you save the stamp.

Checks/paperwork will also be accepted at the course. Please download them prior and have them all completed ahead of time so that it doesn't take any time away from the course work to collect the renewal paperwork.



PS - Great outline John!

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How's this going to break down between the weather part of the course and the navigation part? Will both be taught on both days? In any case, is there a particular schedule?

I ask because my main interest is the weather syllabus. Not that I wouldn't learn something new or could always use a refresher, but the navigation material is probably stuff I've seen most of already, a number of times.

Thanks. --David.

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Excellent question.

I was leaving the navigation part to Rick Crangle, as he asked to do that. I got an e-mail from him saying that he was going to defer the navigation part until later in the year (perhaps spring) - so it will be all weather and waves.

I'll be using an LCD projector and a flipboard.

Saturday, 7th at 10 AM - lasting until about 2:15 - with breaks for lunch etc.

Then, again, on the 22nd.

I have the sense that most people were interested in weather in any case. I'll try to post more details in a bit.


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