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Cold Water Workshop THIS SATURDAY 11/19 - Sign Up Now


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UPDATE 1: Our "outfitting maven" Brian Nystrom will be on hand to help with gasket trimming and other modifications.

UPDATE 2: Experienced paddlers spending too much time at their computers are also encouraged to attend. :-))

This will appear on the calendar shortly, but you can sign up now by following the RSVP instructions below:

TITLE OF TRIP: Cold Water Workshop

DATE: Saturday, November 19, 2005

TIME: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM (or when PPP-O Pot Luck Supper ends)

Goal: Share information on how to dress and prepare for cold water paddling. Paddlers can test gear - gaskets and seals and drysuits, wetsuits and drytops, gloves and hoods, etc. - and see how well they hold up under immersion. Experience immersion in cold water and perform basic skills -- self and assisted rescues, towing, etc. -- while wearing cold water gear.

Arrive 9:30 - 10:00 AM at Liz Neumeier's house in Lanesville, with chili or soup or whatever contribution you want to make for the pot luck supper afterwards.

AGENDA - Prompt start at 10:00 AM - Newbies and Observers are encouraged to attend.

1. (Indoors) NSPN member will show and discuss how to dress for a day on the water in winter (drysuits, undergarments, gloves, boots, hood, etc.) Help will be provided for those needing to trim gaskets or make other adjustments to their gear.

2. (Indoors) A second NSPN member will give a presentation on what's contained in and how to create an immersion kit which gets deployed when a paddler dumps in coldwater and needs rewarming on an island or on shore.

3. (Indoors) A third NSPN member will give a talk on hypothermia protocols which are a lot more involved than simply stuffing someone into a car with the heater on.

4. 11:30 A.M. We head to Lanes Cove for the real deal. We’ll dress and get our gear all ready, then walk into the water to see if drysuits leak, why they need to be burped, and how long it takes to start feeling cool in a wet or dry suit. Next step: put our faces in the water to see how we react. You may gasp or not. Then we will put our whole heads under water and hold them there for as long possible. Notice how long did it takes for water to leak into the hood, how quickly you feel the need for air, etc.

Only after all of that will we get in our kayaks to do wet exits. One person will be standing in the water next to each paddler who is capsizing to wet exit. After everyone has done a wet exit with a spotter, we will pair up to practice rescues, etc.

All of this will take place inside Lanes Cove, so wind will not be a factor.

5. After the workshop ends, if people want to paddle ON THEIR OWN they can.

6. Back to Liz's house for debrief, tall tales of winter paddling, warm food and soup.

Level 2

Lanes Cove, Gloucester, MA Chart 13279

0 NM

Indoors: 2 hours On Water: 3 hrs

Limited to 30 participants

Leader and Assistant Leaders: Liz Neumeier, Bill Gwynn, Joan Hurd, others TBA

RSVP: Joan.Hurd AT Sylvania DOT com and include:

Your name and phone #

Your NSPN/ACA membership # and Expiration Date

boat description

emergency contact: name and phone #

Joan will confirm and send you directions.

Liz N.

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>Leader and Assistant Leaders: Liz Neumeier, Bill Gwynn, Joan

>Hurd, others TBA

>RSVP: Joan.Hurd AT Sylvania DOT com and include: - Evenings and Weekends send to tobyjo at msn dot com


>Your name and phone #

>Your NSPN/ACA membership # and Expiration Date

>boat description

>emergency contact: name and phone #


>Joan will confirm and send you directions.



>Liz N.

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